Mindset of a Champion: Part 1


I was reminded of this little quote today. I was sitting in a meeting. It was late. The end of a 12+ hour day.  And so, so tired. All I wanted was to get home and curl up in my bed. Surely no one would notice if I missed a day, right?  No one really reads these things, do they?

And then someone sat there and gave a little speech called the “5 Truths to Being a Champion.” And there it was. The first truth. Commitment.

I had to think a moment about why I was doing this.

Was it the prizes?

While there are some available, the odds just aren’t that great. I signed up, knowing full well that there was almost a hundred percent chance that I wouldn’t win a thing.


Umm, no. Like I said, who really reads these things?

The pay?


So, why am I doing this? And what does it matter if I quit or not?

The truth, for me, is that I am in this to write. I want to be a great writer. I want to fall in love with writing again. It’s working.

And who would know, or care?

Right now? Me.

Sure, I needed the challenge to get me started, but in adding my name to that blog roll, I knew I was making a commitment to myself.


About Crystal

I am a disciple of Christ, writer, daughter, sister, aunt, friend, dog owner, and adventure lover.
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