Mindset of a Champion: Part 4

The fourth truth, or whatever you want to call it, is faith.

Now, this little section on the paper we received at the meeting is filled with things like:

1. Never doubt yourself.

2. Believe in yourself and have a purpose.

3. Never let anyone define you.

Very encouraging and motivational, right?

Or close to impossible.

Yes, I doubt me all the time. I can make the best choices that I can make. I can do all the things that I think are right. But guess what? I’m still going to fail. And that is okay.

Believe in myself? If I only have as far as me to look, that is a pretty sorry place to be. No. This isn’t poor self esteem speaking. Maybe it is too much ambition.

The third one I agree with. But I think perhaps not in the way that the author of this list means it. I include myself in that list. My definition of myself is sometimes way more damaging than that of my worst enemy.

Faith is definitely a great part of having the mindset of a champion. I don’t disagree with that at all. I just say, check where you are putting your faith. Dare to look to Someone bigger than yourself and a purpose you could never even imagine. Let yourself be defined by the Word of God. You are fearfully and wonderfully made. God had a plan for you from the beginning, and it still stands today, written in ink. Reach for Him. Put your faith in Him. I promise, you will be amazed at where this leads you. I’m not promising an easy life, or a perfect life. Just something more than you can imagine.


About Crystal

I am a disciple of Christ, writer, daughter, sister, aunt, friend, dog owner, and adventure lover.
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