The End of the Story


I love words.

It isn’t a secret that I am a writer and sincerely hope to be published one day.

It also isn’t a secret that the biggest and most important thing in my life is my relationship with Jesus.

Well, these things shouldn’t be secrets, but I have a bad habit of not speaking up about some very important things. I’m sorry about this. But I can’t promise this will change.

In an effort to grow in my relationship with Jesus, I am going through a Bible reading challenge. The goal is read through the Bible, in as close to chronological order as some unknown experts can guess, in just 4 months. I haven’t set the deadline in stone. It isn’t for a notch in a scorecard. I just want to get closer to Jesus, whatever that looks like.

So, I thought I would share something from this week that has me all excited inside.

I know the end of the story!

Duh, right?

One of my favorite things from day one of the reading was the repetition of “the evening passed and the morning came.” (my paraphrase) I love the creation story, but I always dread the moment I know is coming. When Adam and Eve eat that forbidden fruit. A decision that changed everything.

Day 2: I start reading Job, and it is hard. I want to lay it down, or at least skip to the next part. Having known loss, to at least a small degree, Job’s loss is personal to me, and it breaks my heart to watch him suffer. He didn’t deserve it. The man was careful to do everything just right and stay clean in God’s sight. What hope do we have?

And I remember the day before. The evening passed and the morning came.  I can keep reading and not get discouraged because I know the end of Job’s story. There is hope and restoration. Redemption. The pain of that original loss doesn’t disappear. Job isn’t told to “just get over it, already,” or, “deal with it.” But Job’s greatest fear happened, and he came out the other side.

And I will, too. So will you.

I know the end of the story, and it is amazing!


About Crystal

I am a disciple of Christ, writer, daughter, sister, aunt, friend, dog owner, and adventure lover.
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2 Responses to The End of the Story

  1. Love it. Thanks for sharing. Kinda excited because I know the end of the story too! Yea!

  2. You ARE published! Blog posts count! If you want to talk about writing and getting published, e-mail me. I’m a freelance writer. Or check out some of these resources. For non-fiction:,, and For fiction: Those are my favorites. Good luck! 🙂

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